About this site

The story that led to this site began when Manchester songwriter Hil Bichovsky contacted me by email early in 2016. She’d found my name on the credits of Di Williams cassette album from 1983 Take Route.

She asked if I had any memories of recording the album or knew any of the other musicians. Most important of all, she told me Di had passed away last year.

I was very moved by this. Over the years I’ve gone from house to house and cleared out my collections of cassettes and CDs, but I’d never parted with Take Route. I’d play it from time to time, but I knew several of the songs so well I could hear them in my head. Every couple of years I’d toy with the idea of recording my own versions of some of them.

As the internet grew and we could use it to trace people from our past I tried several times to find her but without success. I’d left it aside, an unfinished job, until this email.

As Hil said

Di was a really brilliant talent – an original singer and songwriter, dense and intelligent lyrics, haunting melodies and destined for obscurity only because, as you say, she didn’t cultivate an image.

We hope that this site will draw out memories of Di but, more important, bring a new audience to her charming, delicate and powerful songs.

Norman Lamont